zencontrol provides a way to improve health and wellbeing within your building with our integrated lighting control solutions.

zencontrol control systems provide total coverage, integrating smart sensors, reporting and control into the same Cloud connectable system.

Integrated system

zencontrol’s approach significantly reduces the deployment complexity and costs while still delivering a lighting control solution which provides high flexibility.


Increase productivity with the

The WELL building standard

An evidence-based system for measuring and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and wellbeing.


The standard is defined by the International WELL Building Institute PBC

Create circadian curves to transition light colour and intensity throughout the day and night

Circadian rhythm

zencontrol supports continual intensity and colour changes.


zencontrol’s Cloud-based analytics interface provides reporting and visualisation of building performance.

Reporting and analytics

The analytics platform has been designed from the ground up to process large datasets whilst still providing high-level visualisations down to room level.

WELLs sensors

zencontrols smart sensor range can be deployed through the building on the existing lighting control network and provide a number of metrics to measure building performance under the WELL standard, such as:

  • eVOCs
  • eCO2
  • Color
  • Occupancy
  • Light level
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Sound

zencontrol is built on IEC standards with support for the IEC62386-306 general purpose sensor standard.

Support for many sensor types

This standard provides standardised support for environmental sensor measurements, such as VOC, CO2, temperature and humidity.

Wired and wireless

Our sensor solutions are built on industry standards to offer wired, wireless or hybrid options to provide flexibility in building design and deployment.


User control

zencontrol’s Scenepanel switches gives users local control to customise comfort levels

Meeting the WELL building standard

zencontrol’s product solutions can assist a building in meeting its WELL requirements in several ways

Requirement typeMeasurementControl
PressureReport, measure and visualise
AirReport, measure and visualise
  • Can cause a visual alert
  • Can turn on devices such as extraction
SoundReport, measure and visualise
  • Can cause a visual alert
ThermalReport, measure and visualise
  • Can provide interface / feedback to BMS or air-conditioning systems
  • Can provide occupancy data to air-condition systems
  • Can provide individual thermal control via wall switches or applications
HumidityReport, measure and visualise
Glare control!
  • Can provide solar glare management with automatic and manual blind or shutter control
  • Can provide electric lighting glare control by capping luminaire output levels.
Brightness controlMeasurement and reporting
  • Can lock the minimum and maximum lighting level set points
  • Can control the rate-of-change of lighting levels
  • Can adjust based on daylight level changes
  • Can tune areas for task lighting
Electric light qualityMeasurement and reporting
  • Can provide colour and time control
  • Can provide extremely low flicker drivers
Occupant control of lighting environmentsMeasurement and reporting
  • Tuneable white and time-based automatic control
  • Light level and colour controls via switch or app control

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