Smart design allows you to use our feature filled sensor ranges as is or to assist third-party sensors to connect to the DALI bus.

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The zencontrol range of wireless sensors support IEC 62386-104 and delivers DALI standard support over a Thread® wireless mesh network in a standardised, open and interoperable solution.


The same features as wired, no compromise. PIR or Microwave with multi-sensor options for WELL building standard support. Other features are inbuilt wireless relay, power supply and switch inputs.

zencontrol standard sensors are powered directly from the DALI bus and have inbuilt PIR, lux and colour sensors


With zencontrol technology; lux, movement and colour (including CRI) can be logged back to the Cloud to be analysed. Control scenes, groups, actions, events when used with a zencontrol control system.

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Adding a sensor to a building is easy, it only requires wiring to the closest product with a zencontrol smart driver or Ektor emergency.

Mains rated sensors

When a mains-rated sensor is connected to either a zencontrol smart driver, or selected Ektor emergency devices, the product is automatically added to the DALI line as a fully compliant DALI-2 sensor, which can be used by the system.


With CO2, temperature, VoCs, humidity, sound and pressure sensors, these wireless sensors can be used to make your building perform better.

Use the zencontrol Cloud to track and visualise your buildings performance.

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Sensors are fitted with an infrared receiver that allows them to be used in conjunction with an IR control unit

Basic IR control

The hand-held zc-ir-ctrl remote is fitted with 24 buttons that provides basic luminaire programming functions. This includes 16 pre-configured features and up to eight custom programmable button features.

Extensive IR control

The hand-held zc-ir-ctrl-com remote is fitted with 44 buttons that provides extensive luminaire programming functions ideal for commissioning. 

Any mains rated sensor can be easily connected to the DALI line with a zencontrol mains converter.


When connected, the sensor will operate as a fully compliant DALI-2 motion sensor. This flexibility makes it easy to bring in specialised sensors, such as high mounting sensors used in warehouses, long-range sensors or even dual technology sensors.

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IP rating and mounting variety

Wall, surface, recessed and IP65 mounting options are available.

Partition control

When used with partition control the sensors can automatically change targets and actions.

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Multiple profiles

Increase flexibility, comfort and control. zencontrol supports multiple profiles, which allows the functionality of sensors to change during different periods of the day such as:

  • Daytime
  • After hours
  • Generator
  • Emergency
  • Cleaners
  • Security walkthrough

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