Our new compact relay controller reduces wiring and space required in the distribution board while adding extra control over analogue drivers and other third-party devices.

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4 Relay outputs compatible with
DALI and DALI-2 control systems.

  • High inrush current rating to support large loads (492A 1.5mS)
  • Inbuilt relay test button
  • LED indicators allow easy identification of relay
  • Ability to toggle and override the relay state of the device
  • Support easy one touch commissioning modes on zencontrol application controllers

Control 0-10V or 1-10V devices

Use the 1-10V output to control analogue LED drivers, ballasts, audio amplifiers or any device that can be controlled using 0-10V or 1-10V analogue signals.

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  • 8 dedicated 1-10V interfaces provide full support for DALI device type 5 (IEC62386-104)
  • Each interface appears as a standard DALI device type and can be controlled as a DALI device
  • Combine DALI and analogue devices for easy control
  • Full dimming control over analogue devices
  • Configure each output separately in any of the three supported output modes:
  • • 0-10V
  • • 1-10V
  • • 0-10V with combined relay

Supports up to 8 SELV inputs


Connect third-party interfaces directly into a zencontrol system.

The SELV inputs allow for third-party devices like fire panels, security systems, building management systems or products to connect as inputs or triggers into DALI-2 systems. 

Configurable inputs can be changed between different DALI-2 device types

  • Push button instances (IEC62386-301)
  • Absolute 2-bit instances (IEC62386-302)
  • Sensor instances (IEC62386-303)
  • Din rail mounted, allowing for easy connection to other systems
  • Allows interfacing to third party SELV sensors
  • Ideal for interfacing to fires, alarms or central battery systems
  • Ability to disable unused devices so they do not consume DALI-2 addresses
  • Only consumes a single ECD address, with up to 8 instances
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Sensor Expansion

The SELV sensor inputs allow easy expansion and addition of special sensor types.

  • Float switches
  • Third party motion and movement sensors
  • Reed switches
  • Retroflective sensors
  • People counters
  • Any other type of sensor inputs

Wireless, DALI-2 or Hybrid Solutions

Experience seamless integration with zencontrol systems, offering wireless, wired-DALI, or hybrid solutions for your building’s needs. Our smart devices serve as a wireless bridge, ensuring that both wired and wireless systems collaborate flawlessly. Achieve a fully functional building environment with zero compromises.

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zencontrol connect

Introducing zencontrol connect—your gateway to effortless control and smart building management. Easily pair smart devices either wirelessly or via DALI to create an intelligent ecosystem. With zencontrol connect, you gain unparalleled control over both wireless and DALI lighting, allowing you to fine-tune light levels, set timeouts, and activate advanced features like corridor hold. Customise your network with a versatile range of smart devices, including switches, sensors, relays, and more.

Bluetooth commissioning

Easily set up and commission your device via Bluetooth. With the zencontrol app, simply scan and connect to configure the device to your needs.

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