Introducing the best wireless lighting control without complication or mess.

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zencontrol wireless control boasts the following features:

  • Simple to deploy
  • Built on IEC62386 / DALI standards
  • Standardised Wireless Lighting Control (IEC 62386-104)
  • Full bandwidth lighting control with no compromises
  • Built to support the best mesh network
  • Simple to understand and design for
  • Full-functioning lighting control
  • Built on true IOT technologies such as IPv6 and CoAP
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The zencontrol range of wireless lighting control products are built using the only IEC standard for wireless lighting control IEC62386-104.

Standardised Lighting Control

This standard allows for standard DALI protocols to be transported over wireless infrastructure. Using standardised protocols allows for interoperability with devices from other manufacturers and helps to reduce risk and increase competition.

What is Thread?

Thread provides the foundation for a wireless mesh network built on IEEE 802.15.4 and delivers the following benefits:


  • Simplicity: Simple installation, start-up, and operation
  • Security: All devices in a Thread network are authenticated and all communications are encrypted
  • Reliability: Self-healing mesh networking, with no single point of failure, and spread-spectrum techniques to provide immunity to interference
  • Efficiency: Low power Thread devices can sleep and operate on battery power for years
  • Scalability: Thread networks can scale up to hundreds of devices. Connect multiple networks together to scale across a building.


zencontrol Pty Ltd is a registered Thread Group member.

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Not all buildings are the same and customer’s requirements can differ.

Hybrid solutions

With a zencontrol system, wired and wireless systems work together seamlessly to create a fully functioning building with no compromises

With IEC62386-104 over Thread, zencontrol can provide a full functioning, no compromise lighting control system, which provides full bandwidth control.

Full bandwidth lighting control

Other wireless networks today struggle to provide this benchmark and rely on tricks and workarounds to achieve basic lighting control. zencontrol wireless products offer the same features, ability and reporting as is commonly found on traditional wired DALI networks without limitations.

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IEC62386-104 over Thread allows zencontrol to deliver an experience that closely matches traditional wired networks.

Manageable networks

This wireless infrastructure is deployed in the same manner as DALI with 64 ECGS (lights / relays) and 64 ECDs (switches / sensors) per network. Each network is connected to an IP gateway which provides an Ethernet backbone between all wireless networks.


This approach allows for:

  • Standardised deployment and design, as the systems have the same building blocks
  • Easy approach to fault management, as installers only concentrate on small networks
  • Easy quoting and specification as the design follows that of DALI
  • Better security as each network is firewalled
Number of Single wireless network Building
ECGs (drivers, etc) 64 Unlimited
ECDs (switches, sensors, controllers, etc) 64 Unlimited


Support for up to 128 devices per wireless network. Expand a building by connecting multiple wireless networks together on an Ethernet backbone.

Transform any D4i driver into a wireless product with zencontrol’s Wireless bridge.

Works with D4i

This bridge can plug directly into D4i drivers and provides a wireless connection point allowing OEM and lighting manufacturers the ability to make any light wireless. Customers who don’t have a D4i driver can use a DALI-2 driver with our DALI-2 PSU and Wireless bridge.

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All zencontrol wireless devices are updateable through our Cloud infrastructure, allowing the products to become forwards compatible with new updates or additions to the standards.


Additionally, the ability to securely update zencontrol wireless devices allows for security patches to be deployed increasing future security of the network.

Easy commissioning

The zencontrol commissioning app for android supports wireless and wired lighting and can be used to commission compatible devices from any manufacturer.

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Full functionality

All the features of a zencontrol wired system work and operate in the same manner with IEC62386-104 over Thread:



The Wireless range

See the specifications for our full range of wireless products: sensors, switches, gateways, dimmers, drivers and emergency. Our standardised approach means compliant products from other manufactures can be used.

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