zencontrol Cloud is an enhancement to standard lighting control. While all zencontrol buildings can operate without a cloud connection, adding cloud control provides a faster and more manageable solution.

System flexibility

No longer are you locked into or limited by a static installation.

With zencontrol you can add or remove features at any time. Add power monitoring, planview, heat maps and many other features when you want.

Multi-site management

Manage multiple sites easily and quickly from anywhere in the world.

The zencontrol cloud allows facilities managers or site engineers to visualise, manage and deploy from a single user interface.

Multi- user management

Smart data technology allows simultaneous multiple user access right down to a single light fitting.

Multi-user technology allows quicker commissioning and better use of resources.

Remote commissioning

Setup and commission sites from the comfort of your office.

Change how the building operates, or just add “earth hour”.

Grid view


Dramatically decrease building commissioning time by up to 100x with zencontrol Grid view. Quickly change device settings on thousands of devices in seconds.


Cut and paste settings across floors, buildings or sites. It has never been quicker or easier.

Plan view


View your installation in an easy to understand plan view. See the location of lighting, switches and sensors. Plan view allows users to see the position of faults and the current state of the lighting.


Quickly and easily change room settings or light levels.



View occupancy maps, energy consumption or even lux maps to better understand the usage of your building.


zencontrol is built on a secure foundation and is deployed worldwide using Amazon web services.


Fault reports
Gain access to emergency and fault reports easily


API interface
Gain secure access to your site data with cloud API, allowing interfacing to higher level building management systems

Data security


The zencontrol cloud protects your site data against

▪  Loss of data for emergency test records and logs
▪  Malicious changes by rogue employees
▪  Loss or theft with automatic backups
▪  Cryptolockers and randsomware
▪  PC failure

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