Multiple channel support

Support for up to 192 channels of DMX.


Combine DMX, DALI-2 lighting and DALI-2 Switches and sensors in the same system.

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Powerful control

Dim and control multiple DMX channels and shows simultaneously while still performing as a complete DALI lighting control system.

Sequence Control

Control DMX devices through sequence actions. Create shows that run directly from our application controllers and triggered by events.


Perfect for foyers, showpieces, pubs, clubs, taverns or areas where the client is looking for something special.

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Receive DMX commands from other DMX devices.

Map DMX lighting commands to DALI devices

Relay received DMX lighting commands to other DMX lines

Send DMX lighting commands to Sequences and create custom functions/overrides or controls.

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sACN (Streaming Architecture for Control Networks)

DMX integration provides support for sACN, a standard network protocol which allows the streaming of DMX commands across a buildings network.


Ideal for creating large-scale light shows directly from a show controller.

Software Upgrade

The zencontrol DMX upgrade is available on our latest generation of application controllers with RS485 support.

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