As a distributor, you can benefit from:


Support is key in delivering products successfully. While our teams can assist with technical questions, our systems and tools can allow us to find issues on sites from anywhere in the world. In many cases we can understand or identify issues before our customers even know that an issue exists.

The tools to success

Our products are class leading, packed with features that are easy to sell and promote. Additionally, our branding, packaging and quality help support your sale. As a distributor of zencontrol we give you the tools to make your business a success.

Technical know-how

Our teams boast a wide range of know-how and knowledge built on the foundation of decades of experience. Our technical knowledge in DALI could be argued to be as second to none. Our technical knowledge is key to supporting our customers and distributors solve technical issues should they arise.

Leading edge technology

zencontrol products are leading edge. Our design team are always looking for ways to make our products perform better with more reliability and easier use. Our leading-edge approach makes selling our products easier as we are continually pushing the boundaries and adding features that are attractive to our customers.

Quality products

Our products are manufactured in our ISO certified quality controlled factory which ensures reliability through testing. All zencontrol products are put through full functionality testing on our manufacturing lines and reliability testing in our burn in chambers.

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