Create custom dashboards to fit your unique needs and enhance building performance.

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Quickly build your interface

Select customisable panels and choose between charts or widgets, or clone an existing dashboard to streamline the process. There’s no need to remake your dashboard for each site.

Designing your interface is simplified.

Design your widget

Set the icon, label, colour, feedback and button action in the zencontrol widget editor. Choose between our colour picker, slider, or two function buttons.

Tailor your dashboard to suit your project.

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Create charts to display metrics

Rapidly visualise building building performance and states with zencontrol charts.

Visualising data has never been easier.

Personalise buttons to suit your needs

Quickly achieve site wide control using a single user interface across multiple buildings or networks. Set up to 5 on state conditions for your button.

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Contact your local supplier to integrate customisable dashboards into your cloud environment. 


Learn more and discover more of what the zencontrol Cloud has to offer using the below resources.

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