Emergency testing

Emergency testing and compliance is a strong part of zencontrol’s DNA, so you can be assured that your compliance needs are looked after.

With zencontrol you can easily manage compliance testing and maintenance across multiple sites and buildings with our Cloud portal.

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Full Cloud based testing

Setup, schedule and control your emergency luminaire and exit sign testing with zencontrol’s cloud portal.


Ensuring that your emergency testing is done correctly and that all failure cases are properly dealt with is a difficult task.  To handle this, zencontrol has developed a virtualised state machine to track and trace the state of every device which ensures fault-tolerant and, more importantly, correct testing.

With the zencontrol Cloud portal, emergency lighting testing has been perfected.

Worry-free backups

Your emergency results are backed up and saved securely on the Cloud.

This ensures your site records are always available, should they be needed to prove compliance. For more information, refer to the Data security presentation.

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View site reports and failures easily within the zencontrol Cloud portal.

Alternatively, you can download the report data so building operators can create their own reports with other programs such as excel or crystal reports.

Wireless Emergency

zencontrol’s Thread enabled, wireless product range uses standardised IEC-protocols to deliver a flexible emergency test and monitoring system

Wireless emergency testing and monitoring can be deployed as an independent system or integrated together with a full ecosystem of products, such as wireless sensors, switches and regular lighting products to create a hybrid solution.

Ektor Wireless

With the zencontrol Wi-Fi expansion module, installers can add Wi-Fi to any Ektor full featured emergency product.

The zencontrol app allows installers to setup emergency products and attach them to  a local Wi-Fi network. With internet access the emergency products can connect to the zencontrol Cloud allowing you to control and test your emergency fittings remotely. For customers who have an existing Wi-Fi network and internet access,  installations requires only a compatible Ektor emergency product and a zencontrol Wi-Fi expansion module.

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Emergency relays

With the Lighting control module(LCM) or Room controller it is possible to test standalone (non-DALI) emergency fittings.

Any of the output relays on a LCM or Room controller can be turned into into an emergency relay. An emergency relay isolates the power to the fitting when a function or duration test is initiated.

Smart test switch

Add a local test-switch, connected through an Lighting control module(LCM) or Room controller, to initiate a function or duration test for emergency lighting.

The test switch will allow you to test DALI emergency devices and suitably wired non-DALI emergency devices, at any time.

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