Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices.

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MQTT Clients can subscribe to the zencontrol Application Controller to receive updates to switch and sensor states that are seen on the DALI-2 bus.

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Control lighting and other devices

MQTT allows Clients to send translated JSON DALI-2 lighting commands directly to the zencontrol Application Controller. Control the lighting, recall scenes, or toggle relays.

Security enabled

MQTT makes it easy to encrypt messages using TLS and authenticate clients using modern authentication protocols.


zencontrol offers easy integration with other systems and device

Fast and responsive

zencontrol’s powerful Application Controllers are able to process MQTT events and subscriptions quickly which allows clients to collect and react to data as it happens.


zencontrol’s Cloud services analyse, store and transform the data helping stakeholders understand the performance of the building.

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