The zencontrol range of smart sensors have been engineered to provide provide the best sensor options and flexibility for almost every application.

Microwave and PIR

Microwave and PIR, wired or wireless, options provide the flexibility to use the best sensing technology for the application.

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Standalone, DALI and wireless options

Available in three variants; Standalone, IEC62386 and wireless (IEC62386-104 over Thread). Customers have the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their installation.

Standalone control

Our standalone sensor range can be configured through IR. Each sensor can switch 230V or volt-free lighting loads and control DALI devices. Two mains rated switch inputs are provided for dimming or other control.

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Inbuilt bus power supply (optional)

On standalone models the inbuilt PSU means the sensor can directly control LED or tuneable white drivers with the ability to deploy standalone daylight harvesting.


For our wireless sensors the internal power supply allows the smart sensor to act as a wireless bridge, which means regular DALI devices can be connected to a wireless control system.

With the internal bus power supply DALI drivers, switches and other sensors can be connected directly to the Smart sensor without the need for any external PSU.

zencontrol smart sensors are supplied with up to two mains rated switch inputs.

Dual switch inputs (optional)

These switches can be used in standalone mode to control the connected lighting or as compliant IEC62386-301 / IEC62386-302 switches over DALI wired or wireless networks.

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Models supplied with a relay output can control 230V or volt-free loads.

Relay control (optional)

In standalone operation these relays are operated by the motion sensor, but when used on a DALI or wireless network the relay will function as a fully independent relay compliant to IEC62386-208.


With eCO2, temperature, eVoCs, humidity, sounds and pressure sensors, these wireless sensors can be used to make your building perform better.

Use the zencontrol Cloud to track and visualise your buildings performance.

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Mounting and ingress protection

Wall, surface, recessed and IP65 mounting options are available.

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