The zencontrol range of smart sensors have been engineered to provide provide the best sensor options and flexibility for almost every application.

Microwave and PIR

Microwave and PIR, wired or wireless, options provide the flexibility to use the best sensing technology for the application.

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Wireless, DALI-2 or hybrid solutions

Experience seamless integration with zencontrol systems, offering wireless, wired-DALI, or hybrid solutions for your building’s needs. Our multi-sensor serves as a wireless bridge, ensuring that both wired and wireless systems collaborate flawlessly. Achieve a fully functional building environment with zero compromises.

zencontrol connect

Introducing zencontrol connect—your gateway to effortless control and smart building management. Easily pair smart devices either wirelessly or via DALI to create an intelligent ecosystem. With zencontrol connect, you gain unparalleled control over both wireless and DALI lighting, allowing you to fine-tune light levels, set timeouts, and activate advanced features like corridor hold. Customise your network with a versatile range of smart devices, including switches, sensors, relays, and more.

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Inbuilt bus power supply (optional)

Equipped with an internal DALI-2 bus power supply, the smart sensor allows for direct connections to DALI drivers, switches, and additional sensors, eliminating the need for an external PSU. Furthermore, the DALI-2 power supplies from multiple smart sensors can be linked together. This increases the available DALI-2 Bus current, enabling the connection of even more DALI devices to the DALI-2 line. Note that the connections are polarity-sensitive.

Supports two switches (optional) 

Mains-rated switches, whether push-button or absolute, can be wired into the smart sensor to add lighting control capabilities Connected switches can be used as part of a DALI-2 Control system or serve as standalone controllers for the connected lighting. This enables features such as dimming, colour adjustment, scene recall, and customisable control. 

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Inbuilt relays (optional) 

The high current main-rated relay is versatile, capable of switching fixed loads and other lighting products. It can be controlled directly through its inbuilt switch or sensor. When connected to a wireless or DALI-2 wired network, the relay operates as a fully independent DALI-2 device, compliant with IEC62386-208 standards. A volt-free option is also available. 

Bluetooth commissioning

Easily set up and commission your device via Bluetooth.
With the zencontrol app, simply scan and connect to configure the device to your needs.

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Mounting and ingress protection

zencontrol smart sensors come standard as recessed mount providing hassle-free installation. For added flexibility, optional wall,
surface mounts and IP65 rated enclosures are available.


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