zencontrols range of Emergency converters provide a flexible OEM solution for lighting manufactures looking to add emergency products to their range.

Small form factor

The small form factor allows manufacturers to integrate the zencontrol converter into most fitting types and has a compatible footprint for seamless integration.

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Customers can choose the option that best suits their installation.

Self-Test, DALI and wireless options

Available in three variants; automatic self-test, DALI test & monitoring, and IEC62386-104 over Thread.

1, 2, 3-hour duration selector

With a convenient selection switch on the top of the unit, manufacturers can easily select between 1, 2 and 3-hour emergency durations.

Output power selector

A single model supports three different power ranges through an output power selector. This allows manufacturers to select the emergency power of their choice without the need for additional inventory.


zc-smart-em-50 = 1.5W / 2 .5W / 3.5W
zc-smart-em-250 = 2.5W / 3.5W / 4.5W

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Wide output voltage

Suited to a wide variety of installations, the Emergency converter can be used alongside most drivers.


zc-smart-em-50 = 10 – 50V output SELV
zc-smart-em-250 = 50 – 250V output Non-SELV

Designed to be environmentally friendly, the zencontrol Emergency converters suit high temperature LiFePO4 batteries.

Lithium battery

Manufacturers can choose supported battery types which provide standard (5 year) or long (10 year) battery design-life for lower through-life maintenance costs.


zencontrol battery packs come complete with an internal BMS for protection against short circuit or over charge.

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Power monitoring

The wired and wireless Emergency converter support DT51 with the device able to measure its own power consumption. Customers can take advantage of this feature with zencontrol Cloud analytics package.

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