Smart design allows you to use our feature filled sensor ranges as is or to assist third-party sensors to connect to the DALI bus.

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Wireless, DALI-2 or hybrid solutions

Experience seamless integration with zencontrol systems, offering wireless, wired-DALI, or hybrid solutions for your building’s needs. Our multi-sensor serves as a wireless bridge, ensuring that both wired and wireless systems collaborate flawlessly. Achieve a fully functional building environment with zero compromises.

DALI-2 PIR sensors

Equipped with zencontrol technology, our PIR motion and light level sensors seamlessly connect to a DALI-2 line for intuitive DALI lighting control. When paired with a DALI-2 multi-master compliant control system, these sensors are perfect for both commercial and domestic installations. Experience enhanced control over scenes, groups, actions, and events when integrated with a zencontrol control system.

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Smart sensors

Explore the future of intelligent lighting control with our smart sensors. Designed for versatility, these sensors offer seamless integration with DALI-2 and wireless systems. Configure effortlessly via Bluetooth and unlock advanced features for both commercial and domestic settings. Discover your ideal lighting solution today.

Multi sensors

Dive into a world of comprehensive building intelligence with our multi-sensors. Monitor everything from temperature and humidity to CO2 levels, all while enhancing your building’s performance. Ideal for creating smarter, more efficient spaces. Learn more about our multi-sensor capabilities now.

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Thermal sensors

Integrate cutting-edge technology. These true presence sensors offer both DALI and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth commissioning, making installation a breeze. Equipped with a light level sensor and multiple instances, they excel in various applications, including people counting, occupancy data, and precise positioning.

Plug-in sensors

Transform your lighting and control experience with our plug-in smart sensors. Engineered for easy integration, these sensors offer options like Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detection, light level sensing, or microwave sensing. Since they plug directly into a zencontrol smart driver without increasing DALI line current draw, you can install up to 64 sensors per line, enabling a sensor in every luminaire for comprehensive coverage.

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Driver sensors

Elevate your building’s intelligence with our zencontrol driver sensors. Designed to plug into D4i drivers, these sensors are equipped with both PIR motion and light level sensing capabilities. With wireless and DALI interfaces, they draw power directly from the DALI line, making them perfect for standalone or fully integrated building solutions. Discover the versatility of our sensors now.

Weatherproof sensors

Specifically designed for integration into D4i Drivers, our weatherproof sensors offer an array of valuable functions. These sensors provide wireless connectivity, timer capabilities, and lux level sensing, making them a versatile addition to your lighting and control systems. Available with a DALI-2 or 0-10V interface.

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Freedom – Third party sensors

Leverage the versatility of zencontrol’s smart driver or sensor conversion modules to connect third-party mains switching sensors, transforming them into fully functional DALI-2 sensors. This is an ideal solution for specialised sensor requirements or for interfacing with non-DALI-2 sensors.

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