Application Controller Pro

The latest generation of the Application controller Pro builds on the successful zc-controller to deliver greater processing power, more memory, and greater connectivity.


More processing power per DALI line

Improved processing power allows more simultaneous connections, more applications with more complex tasks never achievable before.


Increase in memory

With a large increase in memory per DALI line we are able to meet the needs of tomorrow with simultaneous interfacing to Bacnet, MQTT, cloud, applications and more with a transaction data rate of 10,000 per second.

Low power consumption

With a total power consumption under 4.5w, this 3-channel
application controller provides high performance without
ongoing energy costs of competing alternatives.

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External DALI-2 power supply

  • External DALI-2 power supplies meet Europe
    sustainability goals related to replacement and repair.

  • Allows user choice when using d4i drivers with
    internal power-supplies 

  • Allows galvanic isolation between application
    controllers and DALI power supplies as well as
    excellent isolation between power supplies.

With a built-in network switch, the Application Controller Pro 3 takes up half the DIN space of it’s predecessors.

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The controller includes a
2 port network switch

  • Allows a single network connection at the distribution board 

  • Simple distribution board installation 

  • 2 port switch allows connection or more controller downstream 

  • Managed switch features.  

  • Feature upgradable through zencontrol cloud

Full DALI-2 connectivity

With unrivalled support for DALI-2, this controller supports 3 fully loaded DALI lines. Each DALI line supports:

  • 64 DALI Control Gear including Multidevice types and all published standards

  • 64 DALI control devices, which up to 32 instances per channel

  • Over 300 Control device instances

  • DT51 support for power and diagnostics

  • IEC62386-105 support for DALI device upgradability
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Easy wiring

  • Power and DALI wiring are located together allowing for
    easier segregation of the SELV connections

  • The DALI connections are provided with two sets of terminals,
    this allows for easier wiring where the field connections can
    be terminated independently of the DALI power supply

  • The RS485 and Network ports are located on the opposite
    side away from DALI and Mains wiring

  • Only 6 DIN spaces required

Three RS485 connections

Our latest pro controllers arrive with RS485 ports. These ports can be used to expand the controllers’ capabilities adding field bus control for other systems.

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Support for DMX control

Connect directly to DMX lighting for smarter control.

  • Control DMX lighting along side DALI lighting in Groups, Scenes and playback sequences

  • Send DMX commands via SACN over ethernet directly to the connected DMX network

  • Receive DMX commands directly from the DMX network to control and change DALI lighting or create custom logic for overrides or control

Alt Text
Alt Text

Support for Modbus

Connect Modbus power meters to the rs485 connections.
When Modbus is enabled, installers can
use Modbus devices
to measure and
report on power and other analytics.

  • Automatically detects known Modbus products

  • Works with zencontrol power dashboards 

  • Send power data to user displays, through BACnet,
    MQTT, TPI or directly to the cloud

  • Label data sources and get accumulated power or
    15 minute power data points

Support for Somfy SDN network

Use the rs485 connections to connect to Somfy blind motors and control them with other DALI products.

  • Up-to 10 Somfy blind motors supported per connection

  • Connect to the Somfy RTS transmitter to connect to
    Somfy wireless blinds

  • Works withing zencontrol as a Standard DALI device
    allowing it to be added to scenes, groups and programmed
    with sequences.

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Alt Text

Multiple integrations

Upgrade the controller via the zencontrol cloud and unlock additional integration options.

Smart integrations remove the need for additional gateways
to other services.
Integrations such as:

  • BACnet, which supports with thousands of available points per DALI line and gives the ability to use Dali-2 switches and sensors with other BACnet controllers

  • Control4 support for lighting, blinds, fans, switches, sensors, sensors and a lot more

  • MQTT integration that gives modern flexibility to other systems
    that want to connect into the lighting system.
    With world class low latency high data rate interfaces
  • Third party UDP interface gives users the ability to interface
    and create their own applications or interface
    to other audio visual directly into zencontrol

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