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Classic Scenepanel

A fully customisable push button plate. With 1-4 configurable buttons and changeable faceplate finishes.

Customised button labels to suit the application


Just one of the ways zencontrol makes lighting control easier. Program the Smart Switch Display to feature your designed button layout or use any of the three sizes of buttons to customise your label onto the Scenepanel switches.

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Three scene Scenepanel

Allows for the scene recall of three scenes and an on /off dimmer:

  • Scenepanel switches Scene 1  (25%) Scenepanel switchesScenepanel switches Scene 2 (50%)
  • Scenepanel switchesScenepanel switchesScenepanel switches Scene 3 (75%) Scenepanel switches On / off

Control Plate

Individual button control for:

    • Scenepanel switches On Scenepanel switches Dim up
  • Scenepanel switches Off Scenepanel switches Dim down
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Blind Control

Specialised blind control plate allowing for:

  • Scenepanel switches Down / close Scenepanel switches Up / openScenepanel switches Stop

Tunable White

Designed for DALI device type 8 devices and allows for colour and brightness control:

  • Scenepanel switches Brighter / on Scenepanel switches Cooler / coolest
  • Scenepanel switches Darker / off Scenepanel switches Warmer / warmest
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Supports DALI device type 6 devices in groups. Allows for brightness control of RGB groups and on/off:

  • Scenepanel switches Red  (brighter/darker) Scenepanel switches Green  (brighter/darker)
  • Scenepanel switches Blue  (brighter/darker)Scenepanel switches On/Off, Dim control


Supports DALI device type 6 devices in groups. Allows for brightness control of RGB and White groups:

  • Scenepanel switches Red (dim, on/off)Scenepanel switches Green (dim, on/off)
  • Scenepanel switches Blue  (dim, on/off)Scenepanel switches White (dim, on/off)
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Easy wiring

The zencontrol Scenepanels are powered directly from the DALI line. This removes the requirement for additional power supplies making installation easier.

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