Multiple blinds

Supports up to four AC blind motors per controller

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Easy to wire


The specialised blind control plug bases allow for easy termination of the blind motors and DALI switches.

The Blind control Scenepanels

Smart Switch Display

Full-colour 4″ touch screen, 800×400 resolution, with capacitive touch interface, visual feedback, temperature and proximity sensor.

  • 1-4 buttons with your choice of labels

Blind Scenepanel switch

The zencontrol blind control Scenepanel switch supports up/down, open/close and stop functionality.

  • Blind controlDown / closeBlind control  Up / openBlind control Stop
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Automatic setup


Setting up your blind control could not be easier.
Wiring a Blind Control Scenepanel and a blind motor to the same plug will result in the switch being automatically configured to control the blind. (Additional commissioning may be required to tune the blind activation times for the best results)

Protected outputs

Blind controller outputs have been programmed to be fault tolerant and will ensure protection of the motors.

Timed runtime

Ensures that the motors do not overheat or operate outside of their specification.

Direction control

Ensures that the motors are not driven in both directions at the same time.

Time separation

Ensures adequate time between blind control switches.

Additional room control


Additional support for up to two DALI rooms (see room controller). This allows for the installer to add DALI lighting and control products to the same controller.

Perfect integration

The use of the zencontrol Blind controller makes it much easier to integrate lighting and blind control and removes the complexity of interfacing to other systems.

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