Smart switch 6 button

A configurable 6 button switch that offers smart and flexible control. This smart switch is the ideal solution for controlling DALI-2 and Wireless lighting and can be used standalone, together, or in a connected zencontrol lighting solution.

A new standard for Scenepanels


Like any scenepanel you’ve seen before yet completely unique. No more smashing random buttons waiting for the right light to go on. With customisable labels and LED colours there’s no doubt this switch has what you need.

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Easy to use

Intuitive design makes this Smart Switch easy to use and set up. Each switch functions as a DALI-2 pushbutton or absolute input and allows for:

  • Single-button dimmer control
  • Action switches
  • Toggle switch
  • Sequences actions

The zencontrol express app allows for easy configuration in standalone applications or connect to a zencontrol DALI-2 Control system to take full advantage of the flexibility and customisation.

Get creative and design a button to suit your needs.

Customisable buttons

Choose from one of our 100+ icons to represent your buttons function or design your own.

6 Buttons

and 2 finishes, black & white

Colour LEDs

8 selectable backlit colours with 8 preset dimmed levels (profiled on a zencontrol control system)

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Full control from one spot.


Set brightness, colour and colour temperature of your lights.


Cool the room, by turning ceiling fans on/off or as part of a scene setup.


Control motorised presentation screens and window blinds.

Available as wireless, wired-DALI, or can act as a wireless bridge between wireless and wired installations.

Hybrid solutions

With a zencontrol system, wired and wireless systems work together seamlessly to create a fully functioning building with no compromises. The zc-ssd only draws 2mA from the DALI line and can act as a wireless bridge.

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Application example

Five scenes

(Example) Design a 5 scene recall plate with an on/off button

  • Smart switch  Scene 1 (15%)
  • Smart switch  Scene 3 (55%)
  • Smart switch  Scene 5 (90%)
  • Smart switch Scene 2 (30%)
  • Smart switch Scene 4 (75%)
  • Smart switch  On(100%) / off (0%)

Application example

Control plate

(Example) Design a Tuneable white colour control plate

  • Smart switch  Brightness up
  • Smart switch  On / Off
  • Smart switch  Brightness down
  • Smart switch  Cooler / coolest
  • Smart switch  Daylight
  • Smart switch  Warmer / warmest
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Application example

Blind control

(Example) Design a specialised blind control plate

  • Smart switch    Up / open
  • Smart switch    Stop
  • Smart switch    Down / close

Application example


(Example) Create a simple faceplate for the control of RBGW lighting

  • Smart switch  Red  (brighter/darker)
  • Smart switch  Blue  (brighter/darker)
  • Smart switch  Selected (darker)
  • Smart switch  Green  (brighter/darker)
  • Smart switch  White (brighter/darker)
  • Smart switch Selected (brighter)
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