zencontrol’s Thread enabled, wireless product range uses standardised IEC-protocols to deliver a flexible emergency test and monitoring system. Standardisation ensures a system compatible with other compliant products built using the same protocols.

Connected systems

Wireless emergency testing and monitoring can be deployed as an independent system or integrated together with a full ecosystem of products, such as wireless sensors, switches and regular lighting products to create a hybrid solution.

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Emergency converters

zencontrol can supply a full range of emergency converters and drivers which support IEC62386-104. OEM manufacturers can integrate zencontrol’s emergency converter and drivers into their luminaires to support wireless testing and monitoring.

Wireless emergency upgrade module

Current generation emergency products from Ektor (Gen III and above) can be upgraded to Wireless with the wireless clip-in module. zencontrol’s Smart driver can also be upgraded for use in wireless emergency testing and control systems with the same clip-in module. An upgraded Smart driver provides a single converged driver to meet most OEM requirements.

Use the zencontrol’s wireless clip-in module to upgrade emergency products to wireless.

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Extend a DALI emergency
device to Wireless.

With the Bridge and PSU

Use the DALI bridge and DALI-2 Power supply to upgrade third-party DALI emergency products to IEC62386-104 compliant wireless devices.

With our Smart sensor

The zencontrol range of Wireless sensors deliver DALI standard support over a Thread wireless mesh network and can be used to upgrade third-party DALI emergency products to IEC62386-104 compliant wireless devices.

To understand your buildings power usage it is vital to understand what products are consuming power, regardless of the type of product.


Emergency power measurement

Our emergency products support device type 51 for power measurement. Device type 51 devices allows per-fitting power management and reporting through the zencontrol Cloud interface.


zencontrol has a range of inverters and emergency products which are smart enough to report their power consumption every 15 minutes, giving building owners an understanding on how much power the emergency lighting is consuming.


Together with the lighting and control system components such as sensors or switches a building owner is able to get a true representation on power usage.

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The Wireless range

zencontrol has a full range of wireless products from sensors, switches, gateways, dimmers, drivers and emergency. Additionally, our standardised approach means compliant products from other manufactures can be used.

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