Smart driver advantages

  • IEC62386 V2 PIR sensors
  • IEC62386 V2 lux sensor
  • IEC62386 colour sensor
  • Smart IEC62386 switch
  • Smart IEC62386 sensor with dusk
  • Power measurements
  • DT6 or DT8 modes
  • Wireless support
  • Twin luminaire
  • Driver link

Add a Smart sensors

For max. power savings

Increase the building’s awareness of its occupants with a sensor per fitting, allowing shorter idle times and less false triggers.


Use motion and light sensors to reduce the energy consumption of the building’s lighting. Sense light and colour everywhere in the building, with the zencontrol smart sensor you get per fitting lux control for the best results when daylight harvesting. Use the colour sensor to understand how the CRI has changed over time.

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Occupancy maps

Visual reports of an areas utilisation, perfect for designers and building managers looking to better understand their building usage


Gain better occupancy data on the cloud with a per fitting solution

Energy savings

Improve the buildings energy savings with per fitting dimming, daylight harvesting and motion detection

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Plug-in smart nano sensor

Made as an inbuilt solution, discover how well the the Plug-in Smart PIR nano sensor works.

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Plug-in smart microwave sensor

Available soon: the Plug-in smart microwave sensor, perfect for integration into battens.

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Plug-in smart sensors

Explore the Plug-in Smart PIR sensors wide range of mounting options and features.

zencontrol has perfected “sensor per-fitting” technology with its Smart driver.



Developed as a factory fitted, standardized, plug & play driver, the zc-smart-driver is a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface version 2 (IEC62386 V2) compliant solution that offers a lower overall cost of installation, reduced purchase price and lower commissioning cost linked to each individual light fitting and sensor, now operating as a single unit.


zencontrol has tried to help by highlighting common issues related to design, cost and operation when combining a sensor, in a short explainer-video.

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Sensors are fitted with an infrared receiver that allows them to be used in conjunction with an IR control unit

Basic IR control

The hand-held zc-ir-ctrl remote is fitted with 24 buttons that provides basic luminaire programming functions. This includes 16 pre-configured features and up to eight custom programmable button features.

Extensive IR control

The hand-held zc-ir-ctrl-com remote is fitted with 44 buttons that provides extensive luminaire programming functions ideal for commissioning. 

Add a Smart emergency

Turns your luminaire into a fully compliant emergency fitting


Without DALI the driver operates as a fully compliant self-test device


When connected to DALI the driver operates as a fully compliant IEC62386 device.


Test and monitor your emergency fitting using zencontrol’s Wi-Fi app

Add a battery to turn your luminaire into a fully compliant emergency fitting with full IEC62386 compliance to device type 1.

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Plug-in smart exit

A simple setup unlike any other exit, with multiple mounting options

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Plug-in smart emergency

Well suited for OEM installations, it adds emergency to any product

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Plug-in smart spot

There is not a spot this little emergency luminaire wont fit, small and discreet.

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The Smart spot, emergency luminaire, is perfect for pairing with a Smart Driver and converting traditional lighting into emergency.

Plug-in smart spot

When using a smart plug-in emergency option, the driver supports IEC62386-202, device type 1 allowing for emergency testing and management. Additionally, the driver can perform as a self-test unit or in standalone configuration.


The Smart Spot can be built into a light fitting or comes with a wide range of mounting accessories: recessed, surface, conduit mount.

All you need to do is plug into the Smart driver using the supplied RJ12 cable and its ready.

Plug-in smart exit

Like the other accessories the zencontrol Slimblade Smart Exit is also a simple plug and play solution. The exit is IEC62386-202 device type 1 with easy plug-in upgrades for battery and test switch.

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Expanded functionality

A driver unlike any other

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The Smart driver has two independent outputs allowing optimal performance and correct control of each luminaire.

Dual luminaire

Traditionally, two light fittings connected to a single driver has been problematic. In a series connection, a single fitting failure would result in both fittings failing, while in a parallel connection, voltage drop and loading would cause significant issues. zencontrol’s solutions avoids this, in the event of a single luminaire failure the second luminaire will continue to function.


Test and monitor your emergency fitting using zencontrol Cloud

Double string

Add a second string and the driver becomes a DALI device type 8 device automatically, allowing for application which require tuneable white.

Single string

With only a single LED string connected the driver works as a standard DALI device type 6 LED driver.

Dual colour output

The smart driver supports two individual channels of lights allowing for circadian rhythm installations, device type 8

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Power measurements

The driver and sensor can record several key elements, which when sent to the zencontrol Cloud provide valuable information. For example each smart driver can measure and report on its own power consumption allowing for a better understanding of the buildings energy consumption.

  • Per fitting power usage
  • Lamp life and emergency lamp data
  • Lifetime data of the product including reliability
  • Activity and occupancy heat mapping
  • Lux level readings (avg/min/max)

Add value to your luminaire with the smart ports on the zencontrol Smart driver.


Add a DALI sensor / switch

Connect standard switches or 240 V sensors directly to the luminaires and have them operate as fully compliant IEC62386 version 2 devices that can control anything on the DALI line.


Utilise the lux feature found in most 240 V sensors to enable dusk mode on the sensor.

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zencontrol smart drivers allows for third parties to add an IoT extension without adding external power supplies or other bulky accessories.


Third party IoT ready

Third party manufactures can communicate directly with the smart driver over the UART connection, which uses IEC62386-104 to send DALI packets directly to the driver.


This high speed connection allows for faster access and control with the driver and provides sensors and switch feedback directly to the IoT extension.

zencontrol’s Smart driven can be upgraded to Wireless with a wireless clip-in module


Wireless upgrade module

An upgraded Smart driver provides a single converged driver to meet most OEM requirements.


Current generation emergency products from Ektor, GEN III and above, can also be upgraded for use in wireless emergency testing and control systems with the same clip-in module.

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Achieve a smart room configuration without the need for complex lighting control system.


Driver link


Connect a DALI control system for expanded functionality, monitoring and control (optional).

Driver link connection

Connect two drivers together via an RJ12 driver-link cable to suit a small office.

Slave luminaire (optional)

Slave luminaire connected to the second output channel on the driver (max 2x20W).

Select your output


With easily selectable jumpers an OEM can choose the power or current that suits the application.

Constant current

Select from a range of constant current settings

Smart driver

Constant power

Choose to run your zencontrol driver in constant power mode for better results

Smart driver

Fine selection

Use the our tools to adjust the output current to the precise requirements in 10 mA increments

Smart driver

Multiple installation methods

Designed for OEMs in mind

OEMs have the choice of installation methods to best suit the application.
With a soft-wired driver an installer can choose their cable system independent to the luminaire.

Push terminals

Smart driver


Smart driver

Screw terminals

Smart driver

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