The zencontrol Wireless bridge is the perfect companion to upgrade luminaires, switches, sensors and other devices for use on a wireless Thread® network.

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Transform any D4i driver into a wireless product with zencontrol IoT bridge.

D4i drivers

Plug zencontrol’s Wireless bridge directly into a D4i compliant driver to create a wireless smart luminaire.

Extend a DALI driver

Use the Wireless bridge and our compact DALI-2 power supply to create a wireless smart luminaire from any existing DALI-2 driver.

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Standalone control

Use the Wireless bridge to provide standalone control such as presence detection or daylight harvesting.

Nano Sensor

Plug the Nano+ sensor directly into a Wireless bridge to add a sensor to your luminaire. This adds support for movement detection (303), lux level readings (304) and IR remote control (302).

Add wireless switches to a building using our Wireless bridge paired with our DALI-2 PSU


The wireless bridge works with any DALI-2 compliant switch giving excellent choice and availability.  This includes all switch types such as pushbutton, absolute and rotary mechs.

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Upgrade DALI-2 compliant sensors to wireless using our Wireless bridge and DALI-2 PSU


This includes all sensor types such as microwaves and PIRs.

Not all buildings are the same and customers’ requirements are different.

Wired and wireless

Our solutions are built on industry standards to offer wired, wireless or hybrid options to provide flexibility in building design and deployment.

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Add traditionally wired DALI-2 rooms or areas to the wireless network

DALI extension

The number of DALI devices connected to a Wireless bridge is limited by:

  1. The available DALI bus current
  2. The max total number of DALI, or wireless devices, on the wireless & wired DALI bus

The Wireless range

The Wireless bridge functions as a gateways to zencontrol’s range of wireless products, from sensors, switches, dimmers, drivers and emergency. Additionally, our standardised approach means compliant products from other manufactures can be used.

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