zencontrol DALI-2 and wireless application controllers provide seamless building integration.

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Application controller pro 3

The zencontrol application controller pro 3 is a powerhouse of lighting control, designed to offer enhanced performance and versatility. Building on the success of its predecessor, the pro 3 version delivers 70% greater processing power, expanded memory, and improved connectivity options. It is suitable for managing 3 DALI lines, each supporting up to 64 devices and 63 control devices. Whether you’re looking to support additional instances or execute bigger sequences, this controller has got you covered. It stands as a comprehensive solution for modern, complex lighting control systems.

Wireless field controller

The zencontrol wireless field controller is a state-of-the-art solution designed for seamless lighting control. It offers wireless support for IEC62386-104 over Thread, making it suitable for a wireless network that can manage up to 64 Electronic Control Gears (ECGs) and 63 Electronic Control Devices (ECDs). This controller is designed to automatically address all devices on the wireless DALI network, providing a unified control system.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade luminaires, switches, or sensors for wireless functionality, this controller serves as a comprehensive solution for modern, wireless lighting control needs

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Single channel application controller

The zencontrol single channel application controller is a fully certified DALI-2 controller designed for streamlined lighting control. It is suitable for managing one DALI line with up to 64 devices and 63 control devices. The controller is equipped with a 10/100 TCP/IP ethernet compatibility, allowing seamless integration with standard IT switches and equipment. With its robust feature set and compliance with the DALI-2 standard, this controller offers a reliable and efficient solution for modern lighting control needs.

Room controller

The zencontrol room controller (RCM) is a cutting-edge solution for contemporary lighting control, fully compatible with DALI V2 switches and sensors. Designed for immediate functionality, it simplifies the setup process and comes equipped with an array of features, including 10 built-in DALI relays, 10 SELV DALI switches, RS232, 2 volt-free relays, and an ethernet connection. The controller can manage up to 64 DALI lighting devices and 63 DALI switches and sensors. With its automatic DALI addressing and built-in DALI-2 power supply, the RCM offers an all-encompassing approach to modern lighting management.

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Blind controller

The zencontrol blind controller offers a seamless way to integrate blind control into your DALI lighting system. It supports up to four AC blind motors per controller and is compatible with both DALI and DALI-2 devices. The controller features built-in DALI power supply and automatic commissioning of standard features, making it a convenient and efficient solution for controlling multiple blinds. It can also act as a wireless bridge and is designed to draw only 2mA from the DALI line, ensuring energy-efficient operation.


The zencontrol lighting control module (LCM) stands as the most advanced lighting control module available today. It supports DALI-2 compatible switches and sensors, offering a simple and easy setup that works right out of the box. The module comes with 10 inbuilt DALI relays and provides support for up to 20 DALI devices. It also features automatic DALI addressing and an internal DALI-2 power supply, making it a comprehensive solution for modern lighting control needs.

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