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Slide Somfy Blind controller The best Somfy RS-485 integration for your DALI installation.

Perfect integration


Made to use with Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) whilst removing the complexity of interfacing to other systems.

Multiple RS-485 blinds


Suitable for one line with of up to 12 RS-485 motors per controller

The Blind control sceneset

The zencontrol blind control sceneset switch supports up/down, open/close and stop functionality.

 Up (open)  Down (close) Stop


Automate positions throughout the day, automatically reduce glare during afternoon or morning sun. Blinds can also be set to exact heights and can consistently recall the same position across multiple units.

Virtual DALI device


The virtual DALI device allows control just like any other DALI luminaire, assign scenes, groups, physical min an max levels for total control. As a virtual DALI device the blind motors can be controlled in the same groups as regular luminaires.

Protected outputs


Application controller outputs have been programmed to be fault tolerant and will ensure protection of the motors.


Protected against DALI over-voltage conditions


Ethernet gateway to connect to Cloud and extended systems


Reinforced insulation between DALI, mains supply and Ethernet


Check out more information and downloads related to the Application controller w/RS485.

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