The zencontrol premise is simple: To help ensure your solutions are delivered and working well with minimal installation time.

Unprecedented support

zencontrol tools and solutions have been built to be easy, intuitive and fast. The zencontrol team wants your site to perform, if you are having issues or need technical answers please visit the support page.

Future proof

The industry is changing fast.  With a zencontrol system, you can stay up to date with standards and solutions. You have full control of your deployment and can take advantage of future addons should you opt-in.

Your choice

Choose features that you want; add features such as power monitoring, colour tracking and support for protocols like BACnet and KNX. Choose only the features you want or turn them off if they are not providing value. With zencontrol, it’s your choice.

Experts at your fingertips

When an issue arises and you need additional support, the zencontrol support team can be contacted to help diagnose and support your site. zencontrol tools even allow the support team to remotely diagnose line issues by utilising the inbuilt logic analyser in any zencontrol controller allowing us to see noise, timing and other issues on DALI lines.

Remote upgrading

Standards and requirements from customers change over time. Additionally, installers may opt for newer features. With the zencontrol cloud portal, installers or building owners can upgrade their products seamlessly and securely. Further, bugs or security holes can be patched out, keeping your site secure and working perfectly.

Remote diagnostics

With zencontrol tools and cloud portal, installers, building owners and support personal can diagnose issues with your site remotely. Additional support technicians can view issues in real-time with building lenders and installers. With remote diagnostics getting the job done is a lot quicker and easier than traditional solutions.

Continual testing

zencontrol firmware and software solutions go through multiple stages of unit and integration testing to ensure that our software is fit for purpose. In addition, the zencontrol development team uses multiple staging servers to ensure different zencontrol products work together before being released.

Quality assured

The zencontrol manufacturing facility is focused on quality to ensure that you get the best product. Certified to ISO9001:2013 zencontrol’s factory continues to lift the bar with continual improvement and innovation.

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