Simplify lighting

Achieve basic lighting control out of the box without programming or additional controllers

Meet your customers requirements easily with the lowest cost.

Easy to rewire, add or remove as the customers requirements change.

Add a zencontrol Application controller to unlock more advanced building features

Achieve instant dimming and occupancy control without commissioning.

Control tunable white lighting easily with smart colour control Scenepanel plates.

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Simple as 1-2-3


Using zencontrol’s simplified lighting system in your application is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. DALI enabled light fitting
  2. zencontrol DALI 2 PSU
  3. zencontrol DALI 2 switch or sensor

Precise flicker-free dimming

Using DALI lighting provides the following benefits

which matches the human eye

Typically down to 1% light level

Multiway dimming and switching


Wire in multiple switches (and even sensors) to the same installation and they will work seamlessly together.

Scene control


A Scenepanel switch allows quick recall of 3 common light levels as well as complete dimming control*.

Standalone control (GEN 1) Scene 1 (25%) 

Standalone control (GEN 1)Standalone control (GEN 1) Scene 2 (50%)

Standalone control (GEN 1)Standalone control (GEN 1)Standalone control (GEN 1) Scene 3 (75%) 

Standalone control (GEN 1) On / off

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Presence detection sensors


Use a sensor to add presence control to a room*.

Tuneable white control


Use a Scenepanel switch to control DALI device type 8 tuneable white fittings. , with full warmer/cooler and brightness dimming control*.

Standalone control (GEN 1) Brighter / on 

Standalone control (GEN 1) Cooler / coolest

Standalone control (GEN 1) Darker / off 

Standalone control (GEN 1) Warmer / warmest

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Rotary or push button dimming

Depending on your application, the zencontrol range of switches are available as push buttons or rotary control*.

Standalone control (GEN 1)Down  +Standalone control (GEN 1)up

+    Standalone control (GEN 1) on / off

Control Scenepanel

Individual bottom control for:

    • Standalone control (GEN 1) On Standalone control (GEN 1) Dim up
  • Standalone control (GEN 1) Off Standalone control (GEN 1) Dim down
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Works together


Add multiple products together to achieve your desired application.

Works with DALI


All zencontrol switch and sensors work with DALI compliant drivers available from most manufactures. DALI drivers can provide highest levels of lighting quality, with flicker free drivers, precise control and soft start features. When ordering your lights, request a DALI driver.

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Control fixed loads with dimmable lighting


Use a zencontrol relay to add fixed loads such as fans or pendant lighting.

Upgrade to full control

Need extra functionality, higher levels of control or require emergency lighting test and monitoring?

Add a zencontrol application controller for the best results


Below is a table of products that support the standalone features or can be combined with an Application controller to expand your system:

Image Order code Description
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-scene-3scn 3 Scene Scenepanel: 4 button plate, provides three scene level control, on/off and dimming
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-scene-updn Control Scenepanel: 4 button control, on, off, up, down
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-scene-a4-act Tunable white: 4 button control, on/dim up, off/dim down, warmest/warmer, coolest/cooler
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-pbs zc-switch with Pushbutton: On/Off dim control
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-rotary zc-switch with Rotary: On/Off dim control
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-rotary-color zc-switch with Colour rotary: On/Off dim control/warmer/cooler
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-pir-5m Sensor: On/15 minutes idle time/off
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-psu DALI-2 Power supply: *Products require the installation of a DALI PSU to operate, DIN mount
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-relay DALI Relay: DALI volt-free relay, DIN mount, for switching non-dimming loads
Standalone control (GEN 1) zc-controller DALI Application controller: Expand your building with additional features and benefits

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