Experience hassle-free deployment of advanced sensing capabilities with our standardised multi sensors. A convenient all-in-one solution for smarter, more responsive spaces.

Multiple technologies

Equipped with advanced technologies like eVOC, eCO2, humidity, motion, sound pressure, and temperature sensors, plus IAQ and light level measurement, our sensors offer an all-encompassing to optimizing your space. Monitor air quality, control climate, optimise space utilisation, and save energy—all from a single, integrated system. Your toolkit for a safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient environment. 

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Understanding performance

Fine tune your building’s performance with the zencontrol multi-sensor and cloud platform. Gain real-time insights into ventilation performance, comfort levels, space utilisation and more, empowering you to make data-driven adjustments. Optimise air quality, temperature, and acoustics for a healthier, more comfortable space that boosts both productivity and well-being. 

Alert based control

Unlock smart automation with DALI-2 alerts.

Set custom thresholds that, when reached, automatically trigger specific actions. Streamline your building management with real-time alerts that drive immediate, targeted responses. 

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Standardised protocol

Leverage the versatility of zencontrol’s multi sensor, built on the IEC62386-306 standard for seamless integration with wireless and DALI-2 systems. Compatible with a broad spectrum of sensors like eVOC, eCO2, and more, it triggers specific DALI-2 events and alerts based on set conditions. A unified, vendor-agnostic solution for cost-effective and efficient IoT sensor deployment.

Microwave and PIR

Microwave and PIR, wired or wireless, options provide the flexibility to use the best sensing technology for the application.

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Wireless, DALI-2 or Hybrid Solutions

Experience seamless integration with zencontrol systems, offering wireless, wired-DALI, or hybrid solutions for your building’s needs. Our multi-sensor serves as a wireless bridge, ensuring that both wired and wireless systems collaborate flawlessly. Achieve a fully functional building environment with zero compromises.

zencontrol connect

Introducing zencontrol connect—your gateway to effortless control and smart building management. Easily pair smart devices either wirelessly or via DALI to create an intelligent ecosystem. With zencontrol connect, you gain unparalleled control over both wireless and DALI lighting, allowing you to fine-tune light levels, set timeouts, and activate advanced features like corridor hold. Customise your network with a versatile range of smart devices, including switches, sensors, relays, and more.

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Interface to other systems

Easily integrate zencontrol sensors into your existing infrastructure with the capability to stream sensor data to external control systems via MQTT or BACnet. Gain real-time insights into building performance and make data-driven decisions effortlessly. Seamless connectivity for smarter building management.
(Requires a zencontrol application controller.)

Bluetooth commissioning

Easily set up and commission your device via Bluetooth.
With the zencontrol app, simply scan and connect to configure the device to your needs.

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