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zencontrol provides easy integration with publish-subscribe network protocol MQTT for interfacing with BMS.

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices.


zencontrol works with stage lighting through DMX integration.

zencontrol provides integration with DMX(Digital Multiplex) the standard for control of stage lighting and effects. This includes support for up to 192 channels of DMX control, use with DALI-2 Switches and Sensors, simultaneous dimming and more.


Fixed loads

Easily add control of switched loads which do not support the DALI protocol.

Blind control

Add local blind control with the use of the zc-blind controller, allowing seamless use of DALI switching and sequences for native blind control.


The biggest job by zencontrol had over 1,200,000 individual BACnet points, realtime.


zencontrol BACnet servers can provide large amounts of data, fast and efficiently.

zencontrol BACnet controllers also support notifications and other standard BACnet methods.


Interface to security systems with the low-level input and outputs.

Connect with the volt free outputs found on the Lighting control module and Room controller. Alternatively use the BACnet interface to arm and disarm security systems.


Audio visual

Interface to the AV systems through either RS232 as found on the Lighting control module and Room controller, or the zencontrol UDP interface.


Turn on the HVAC services only when the room is occupied.

The zencontrol BACnet interface makes it easy to interface controllers to increase efficiency and reduce power consumption.


With DALI-2 (IEC62386 Version 2) lighting control has been simplified further.



Complete support for DALI-2 devices allows for cross manufacturer compatibility.

Increasing freedom, availability and choice for the installers and customers so they can choose from a larger number of compatible products.

Emergency testing

You can easily manage compliance testing and maintenance across multiple sites and buildings with the zencontrol Cloud portal.


Third-party analytics

Use the zencontrol third party API to gain access to your buildings data and import it into other dashboard and building systems.

Clipsal C-Bus

Use Clipsal’s “C-Bus automation controller” to create emergency testing.

Obtain failure states or control the lighting via BACnet and modbus interfaces.


Upgrade your controller via the zencontrol Cloud portal to allow KNX connectivity.

Making for easy integration of KNX  IP devices and control of the lighting.


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