DALI-2 PIR sensors

  • DALI-2 PIR sensors
  • DALI-2 PIR sensors

Product range

Order code Description
zc-pir-5m DALI-2 PIR sensor 5 m
zc-pir-8m DALI-2 PIR sensor 8 m


  • DALI-2 certified
  • For use with DALI-2 application controller
  • Suitable for up to 32 devices per DALI line
  • 8 m  suitable for high ceilings(10 m) and warehouses
  • Light control based on ambient light and motion detection
  • Multi-master compatible / multiple control devices per line
  • Designed for compliance to IEC 62386-303 and 62386-304
  • Available as surface & recessed mount, and as a plug-in module
  • Control scenes / groups / actions / events with a zencontrol control system


Dimensions (mm)

Alt Text


Supply DALI
Control system DALI-2
Supply current 8 mA
Lens Fresnel
Sensors PIR, ambient light, colour
Wiring Flylead
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
Material PC (body)
Ingress protection IP20
Compliance standards IEC 61347-2-11
EN 55015
IEC 62386-303
IEC 62386-304

Detection pattern

Order code Range ∅ Height
zc-pir-5m 5 m 2.7 m
zc-pir-8m 8 m 2.7 – 10 m
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Accessories range

Order code Description
zc-pir-rs-kit PIR sensor recessed mount kit
zc-pir-cd-kit PIR sensor conduit mount kit
zc-pir-sm-kit PIR sensor surface mount kit