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Wireless PIR multi-sensors 10m

Product range

Order codeDescription
zc-pms-iot-daWireless PIR multi-sensor 10 m
zc-pms-iot-da-rWireless PIR multi-sensor 10 m, with inbuilt relay
zc-pms-iot-da-vfWireless PIR multi-sensor 10 m, with inbuilt volt-free relay
zc-iot-DA-pms-2sw-rWireless IEC62386 PIR multi-sensor 10 m, with inbuilt relay and two switches
zc-iot-DA-pms-2sw-vfWireless IEC62386 PIR multi-sensor 10 m, with inbuilt volt-free relay and two switches


  • eCO2 sensor
  • eVOC sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Sound level sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light level measurement
  • Programmable via IR remote
  • IP65 weatherproof rating with mounting accessory
  • DALI broadcast control with inbuilt application controller
  • Fully compatible with other DALI-2 application controllers
Fully independent IEC62386 devices

  • IEC62386 -101 Power supply (35mA)
  • IEC62386-208 Relay (device type 7)
  • IEC62386-303 Motion sensor
  • IEC62386-304 Light level sensor
  • IEC62386-302 Switch (IR)
  • IEC62386-301 Switch (x2)
  • IEC62386-3XX Generic input sensor (x4)
Programmable features (IR)

  • Sensor time-out
  • Corridor mode
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Lux level, dusk (if under lux level, activate sensor)
  • Lux level, disable (if over lux level, disable sensor)
Programmable features (switch)

  • Switch type (dimmer, on / off, up / down, colour dimmer, colour warmer, colour cooler)
  • Switch actions (enable / disable sensor, enable / disable lux)
  • Switch override time


Dimensions (mm)


Supply220 – 240 V AC
Supply current< 0.1 A
DALI bus current< 2 mA
Relay output
(-r models)
165 A / 20 ms inrush current
492 A / 1.5 ms LED inrush current
10 A capacitive
10 A inductive
10 A resistive
Volt-free output
(-vf models)
0 – 250 VAC / 10 A
0 – 240 VDC / 10 A
SensorsPIR, IR, lux
WirelessIEC62386-104 over Thread
IR38 kHz
Temperature-20°C to 85°C (±1°C)
-10°C to 40°C (±0.5°C)
Humidity0 to 100% (RH±3%)
Lux0 to 10,000 Lux (±5 %)
TVOC0 to 60,000 ppb
CO2eq0 to 60,000 ppm
Sound level35 to 100 dBA Leq (±2 dBA Leq)
Wiring2.5 mm2 cable (no earth, suits round and tps)
Operating temperature0 to 55°C
MaterialPC (body)
Ingress protectionIP20
(kits sold separately)
Recessed (cut-out Ø 80 mm)
Wall mount kit (mounting centres 85 mm)
Surface mount kit
Rod mount kit
Conduit mount kit (mounting centres 50 – 60 mm)
Compliance standardsIEC 61347-2-11
IEC 60669-2-1
EN 55015
IEC 62386-104
IEC 62386-208
IEC 62386-301
IEC 62386-302
IEC 62386-303
IEC 62386-304

Detection pattern

Range10 m (mounted at 2.7 m)
Mounting height2 – 12 m

Accessories range

Order codeDescription
zc-smart-wall-kitSmart sensor wall mount kit
zc-smart-sm-kitSmart sensor surface mount kit, suitable for surface, rod and conduit mounting
zc-rodmount-whtRod mount kit, white, to be used with Smart sensor surface mount kit
n /aConduit mount, not supplied by zencontrol, used with Smart sensor surface mount kit