DALI rotary switch

Product range

Order code Description
zc-rotary DALI rotary switch 20 x 20 mm – white
zc-rotary-2550 DALI rotary switch 25 x 50 mm – white
zc-rotary-2550-b DALI rotary switch 25 x 50 mm – black


  • Rotary and pushbutton interface
  • Supplied with 100 mm pre-wired flylead
  • Compatible with standard switch-plates
  •  Designed for compliance to IEC 62386-301*
  • Suitable for up to 32 devices per DALI line
  • For use with DALI-2 compliant application controller
  • Control scenes / groups / actions / events with a zencontrol control system
  • Can be used for simultaneous Colour and Brightness control of DALI DT8 fittings

* Pending publication of test sequences
** Faceplates not included


Dimensions (mm)

Alt Text


Supply DALI
Control system DALI-2
DALI line current 5 mA
Wiring 0.5 – 0.75 mm2
Strip 6 – 7 mm (supplied with 100 mm flylead)
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
Material PC
Ingress protection IP20
Compliance standards IEC 61347-2-11
IEC 62386-301


  • The switch must not be connected to any mains. It is powered directly from the DALI line.
  • The DALI line is not SELV. It must be treated like LV mains and treated with the same precautions and wiring regulations.


By default the zc-rotary is configured to have 3 control device instances corresponding to rotate clockwise, rotate counter clockwise and push. The push instance supports both long and short press functions. Actual function is dependant on the configuration of DALI-2 application controllers connected to the DALI line.

With the zencontrol control system the rotary is ideal for tunable white control.

  • Rotate Left / Right – Brightness Up and Down
  • Short Press – On/Off
  • Long Press – Warmer / Cooler