40 W smart driver

  • 40 W smart driver
  • 40 W smart driver
  • 40 W smart driver

Product range

Order code Description
Smart driver
zc-smart-driver-40 LED smart driver with softwire plug
zc-smart-driver-40-t LED smart driver with screw-terminal
zc-smart-driver-40-p LED smart driver with push-terminal
Smart Emergency driver
zc-smart-driver-em-40 LED smart emergency driver with softwire plug
zc-smart-driver-em-40-t  LED smart emergency driver with screw-terminal
zc-smart-driver-em-40-p LED smart emergency driver with push-terminal
zc-driver-40 LED driver with softwire plug
zc-driver-40-t LED driver with screw-terminal
zc-driver-40-p LED driver with push-terminal


  • 40W driver and 6W emergency output
  • Mains rated switch / sensor inputs
  • Average standby power consumption < 0.25 W
  • Supports premium lithium batteries (LiFePO4)
  • Dual output channels for tunable white and long life fittings
  • Compliant to Australian and international safety & performance standards


Dimensions (mm)

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Supply voltage 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Control system DALI/DALI-2
Wiring Soft-wiring, screw or push terminals
Material PC body
Operating temperature 0 to 55°C
Classification Class II
Mounting Inbuilt or separated
Ingress protection IP20
Duration 1/2/3 hours (dependant on jumpers)
Code zc-batt-1500mah
Type LiFeP04
Voltage 6.4V
Type Smart
Time 16 hours
Operation Multi-state
Compliance standards IEC 61347-1
IEC 61347-2-7
IEC 61347-2-13
AS/NZS 61347-1
AS/NZS 2293.3

Accessories range

Order code Description
zc-smart-spot Plug-in Smart spot, emergency luminaire
zc-em-kit Plug-in Smart emergency, Status LED and test switch assembly
zc-pir-5m-p Plug-in Smart sensor, PIR and lux, 5 m
zc-pir-8m-p Plug-in Smart sensor, PIR and lux, 8 m
zc-smart-exit-150 Plug-in Smart exit, with 300 × 150 mm decal
zc-smart-exit-100 Plug-in Smart exit, with 200 × 100 mm decal
zc-wifi Clip-in Wireless daughterboard upgrade
zc-batt-1500mah 1500mAh, 2 cell, LiFePO4 battery