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Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that our products function as expected to ensure a consistent experience through the systems life cycle.

Built for compliance

zencontrol’s automation and simple control is built on the functions and commands from the latest versions of the DALI standard(IEC62836). Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that connected devices function as expected to ensure a consistent experience through the system life cycle.


The zencontrol product range has been built for compliance with DALI(IEC62836) and DALI version 2(IEC62836 V2).


DALI compliance is not just for zencontrol systems. With a compliant device, commissioning, set up and everyday usage is more consistent and more reliable on all DALI control systems.

New updates to the DALI standards provide

Provision for full compliance and operation of

  • Occupancy sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Input devices including sensors and switches
  • Control system
  • Power supplies


Additionally the updated standards provide

  • Backwards compatibility with traditional DALI
  • Full set of standards, test flows and test equipment and certification

Advantages of DALI-2

  • Simpler wiring – one line for lighting, emergency, switches and sensors
  • Endorsed & compliant switch and sensor devices
  • Cross manufacture compatibility
  • Lower over-all costs
  • Published under IEC 62386
  • Certification of the control system component


DALI version 2 - simplified wiring


Traditional DALI lighting control wiring

Why Choose DALI / DALI-2?

DALI(Digital Addressing Lighting Interface) protocol allow for the compatible devices to listen for either their unique address or group addresses that the device has been added too. It’s an international standard with support from many manufactures, suppliers and installers. Using a DALI certified product ensures real interoperability and seamless integration.


Additionally, because of the large number of suppliers and third parties you are not locked into a single manufactures supply. This gives the customer confidence and choice in their buildings, multiple suppliers gives you greater freedom.


With DALI-2 (IEC62386 V2) lighting control has been simplified further. Now the switching and sensor devices which were normally locked to a proprietary control system, or contained within another protocol have been moved onto the DALI line. This increases freedom, availability and choice for the installers and customers as now they can choose from a large number of compatible products.


Choosing DALI is a clear decision that frees customers from the lock-in approach from proprietary suppliers. Customers can feel secure in knowing that they are not locked to one company.

The standards
IEC 62386Description
Part 101 ed 2System components
Part 102 ed 2Control gear
Part 103 ed 1Control devices
Part 202Self-contained emergency lighting (device type 1)
Part 207LED modules (device type 6)
Part 209Colour change
Part 216Load referencing
Part 217Thermal gear information
Part 218Dimming curve selection
Part 219Power measurement
Part 220Emergency DC
Part 301Particular requirements – Input devices – Push buttons
Part 302Particular requirements – Input devices – Absolute input devices
Part 303Particular requirements – Input devices – Occupancy sensor
Part 304Particular requirements – Input devices – Light sensor
Part 305Colour sensor (upgradeable)