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Software Software zencontrol offers a wide range of software solutions to suit your needs.


An onsite headend software package and commissioning tool.

  • View and maintain your buildings faults and issues
  • Produce emergency tests
  • Commission and set up your site and sites operation


A state-of-the-art Cloud platform that allows the maintenance of all your sites from one location.

Allows for smart building control and usage with:

  • Issue management and tracking
  • Full emergency test management
  • User access control
  • Tenancy access control
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Analytics for power, occupancy, CO2, VOC and many other metrics
  • API to connect other systems.

Commissioning Tool

The integrators tool kit for commissioning Cloud-connected sites.

Allows for smart building control and usage with:

  • Create sites
  • Commission devices incl. labels, addresses, IDs, state, targets, lux levels etc
  • Change profiles
  • Edit groups, scenes and other DALI items
  • Commission all types of devices incl. Lights, Relays, Sensors, Switches, W-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread devices and more


zencontrol provides easy, wireless smart integration for home installations with our lighting and control solutions

View and control your lighting with support for:

  • Groups & scenes
  • Issue management and tracking
  • Multiple controllers
  • Colour themes
  • DT8 colour devices including RGBWAF, TC and XY

For installers:

  • Groups
  • Automatically works with tenancy control and permission
  • Select and allow visibility of groups from the Cloud
  • Select and allow visibility of scenes from the Cloud
  • Select and allow users ability to change and save scenes


Adjust your buildings schedule with an easy to use interface

Automatically works with tenancy control and permissions which allows tenancies to control and adjust only the areas they have access to.


Ability to change the buildings operating times and function.


A universal launcher which runs JSON allowing an integrator to make custom tablet applications that suit the customers requirements.

  • Allows for the simple upload of plans and selection areas for plan view type applications
  • Allows for multiple pages, screens and buttons.
  • Integrators can use the switch creator application or write their own JSON.


Works without Cloud-connectivity.

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